QA Under National Health Mission

QA under National Urban Health Mission


The National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) was launched as a sub-mission of National Health Mission (NHM) in May 2013.The aim of mission is to provid primary healthcare services to the urban population, especially the urban poor and other vulnerable sections of society It will be achieved by strengthening the existing health care service delivery system, targeting the people living in slums and converging with various schemes.
Quality Assurance is a systematic activity under NHM, its framework was launched in 2013, using similar framework new guidelines & assessment tools were launched in 2015 specifically for urban healthcare facilities as“Quality Standards for Urban Primary Health Centres” & it was decided to use Assessor Guidebook for CHC for urban CHCs. Quality Assurance Standards for Urban Healthcare facilities are developed to help states to create credible quality management system & ensure quality can be defined quantitively. The system also offer a standardize process for monitoring and evaluation of quality of services by various stakeholders.

Key Features of Program

1. Unified Organizational Framework at National, State, District level & its Integration with existing system.
2. Explicit Measurement system where Facilities are assessed in 8 critical areas viz. Service Provision, patient rights, Inputs, support services, clinical services, Infection control, Quality management system & Outcome.
3. Training & Capacity building of Program units & facilities for assessment, implementation & certification.
4. Continuous assessment by facilities and program units at defined intervals to ensure quality services is being provided to all.
5. System is designed in a way that each facility opting for it must go for Quality improvement activities including planning, assessments, generation of score cards, gap finding & reporting of Key performance indicators & certification.
6. Incentive for achievement & sustenance. Facility got 70% of scoring against standards will be certified & get incentives for their achievements.

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